Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some activity at least...

Terrible blogger finally attends to blog. Yes, it has been a while, but I have been focussing on a number of new projects. Some have to do with the "biz" and some are just those life tasks one must complete. The spring weather has encouraged me to get my house in order - boring - I know - but so nice to finally see the playroom as a useful place. Clean - and with toys that cater to babies removed!

Also, the taxes were a bear this year - but also - finished!! Visit to family for a week - also fun. Participated in my first sales party and was so happy to have the opportunity to meet other designers and crafts people from my area. I am new here as we moved last fall to our new house. Everyone was so friendly! Made some sales - met some new people - donated to Cancer Research - what could be better!

Ok - and I have been working on some new things too - not enough for my taste, as I have some ideas that just won't let me go until I try them. They are next - I promise!!

So here are a few pictures of fun new items in the shop- Totes and T-shirts and a new textile pattern. I will be adding to the children and baby T's category as time goes on - adding some sets that will be perfect for baby showers! (I'm thinking camp set of three- one of each camp design - so cute!)

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring and has a new found energy for creating!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So now I'm Hooked!

I am having so much fun making these patterns based on my lino cut Tea Towels! This is the latest - based on my House Next Door pattern is available in my shop. I changed up the colors a bit and reduced the scale. It turned out better than I thought - as I'm usually drawn to larger patterns.

Can't wait to show you the next after this (as I am hoping the most recent will be shipped out this week from Spoonflower).

Like candy arriving in the mail. I highly recommend the process...



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

O.K. - so finally!

I have been on the beta list for Spoonflower for - what - 9 months? I just haven't gotten the nerve ( read - tech knowledge) to actually send one of my patterns to be digitally printed. Boy - it was really satisfying. I have a piece of cloth - with my pattern, and I didn't actually have to print it myself. Crazy concept, I know!

After watching all of the beautiful textiles being created through Spoonflower - both on their website - but also in the shops and blogs of many of my favorite designers, I just had to get over my fear.

So here it is. Camper in repeat ( an some other colors thrown in) - go figure. I am happy with how this has turned out. It is a bit different that I thought it would be - but no matter - that's how it goes when you have never tried something before.

Now I'm hooked - and have already sent another for printing. Will hopefully have something else to show by the end of the week.

This one is up in the shop.

Hope everyone out there is staying warm - snow still seems to be falling in this neck of the woods.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks Brittni and Papernstitch.

Things have been a bit busy around Camp Graeff lately. One 5th birthday can certainly take up a lot of time. It was perfect - and when would I ever use my real china except for a Princess Dress-up Tea Party for 12 beautiful girls.

I think it was a hit - at least it was with my little princess. Now that I'm done with hand washing dishes......

On a more "business" side - I wanted to thank Brittni over at Papernstitch - for all of the wonderful news she has been sending my way this week.

Firstly, she was lovely to have picked my "My Heart is Yours" tea towel in her Top Picks for a fun interview she did on Heart Handmade's Blog. (see picture - and of course link - to check out the others too!) I was happy to have been chosen - but equally happy to learn more about Brittni and the development of her site. It's really great to see it taking off - I'm always encouraged by other's successes - especially when they are so nice to work with.

And then - again I received a note just today that my "Custom Portrait - Tea Towels" were picked by Erin Loechner as a Design for Mankind Favorite - on the Papernstitch blog.

I'm very happy to have been chosen for both of these Favs. There are really so many wonderful designers being showcased at Papernstitch it must have been very hard choices.

So thanks mucho Brittni for these as well as all of your hard work- and I wish I could send you a piece of the super-fun, quadruple tiered, from scratch, Barbie cake as a little treat. Yum!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Tea Towels Unite...

I know my world is a bit skewed - but I really think there is a tea towel revolution on the horizon. Ok - nothing violent or really uprising - just some more exposure than is normal.

Poppytalk has a nice showcase of tea towel designs in their latest newsletter ( I'm happy to be included).

There are more articles on the horizon - so keep posted. (I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat).

Have a wonderful - cozy day.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Great is this Treasury!

I just love this treasury I am in ( was in, I should say, as I sold a Camper towel after 4 minutes on the Front Page - wooot!).

I had to show this collection - how fun and eclectic. I would love to go to this "Fondue Party". Thanks so much to Kira for including me - check out her shop as well. She has some really terrific jewelry!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

New in Shop - Love is in the Air.

I am happy that I have started up again. It was a bit overwhelming this Holiday - all the printing...printing...printing. I'm not complaining - but because I was so busy producing pieces - I couldn't design anything new.

So here are two new tea towels for the shop. Why not go seasonal?

Actually the Doggie was a pattern I made in December with my daughter - at her request because she loves our dog soooo much. (As I write this she is sitting next to me with our dogs head on her lap).

I really wasn't sure how the "crochet" would turn out - but I am happy. I think it captures my impression of those delicate hand made doilies.

Ok - on to the next....

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